18 June 2007


June 18, 2007

This morning i saw 2 kids who's collecting recycle stuff around my town. I asked them to visit my house and interviewed them.
Rohman<16> and Navi<14>
Both of them didn't continue their education since grade 4 <>. I asked them, do they want to study at school again, they looked confused and hesitate to answer my questions. Navi finally told me that sometimes other schoolmates teased and mocked him because their profession. It was not answering my question yet. Then i asked them, do they have passion to study again.. to start new world again, knowledge, learn about something interesting then they said yes!! I know they would like to study again, but Rohman said he must quit from school to earn money <>. Rohman has 2 sisters, he's the oldest. His father works as gardener and his mother doesn't work, she looks after the kids. Just for information, there are no free school in Indonesia, so if Rohman wants to keep study at school, his dad must work really hard to covered their education fee. It's really hard for Rohman's father to pay the school fee. Rohman's said, working as "trash picker" help his family to buy daily food. Then i asked them a silly question, " why don't you pay school fee with your own money ". They were laughing and said, if we did, we would not eat. I asked them about their future, what they would like to be. Navi said he wanted to be a teacher and Rohman wanted to be a engineer. It was amazing to listen about their dreams. They have big passion to tell me what they would like to be, their hope.
There are thousands kids who has same problems like them, there are thousands kids who wants to study and get their dream. It just a short story from me. Short conversation between me and them.

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anastashia said...

awww. ure soo soo greatt ella.
pmikiran lo TOP BGT !!
kereenn mann! ahhaa..

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